Local Events At Ruthven Park

Ruthven Park hosts a variety of events throughout the year. We ensure they are relevant to our mandate and suitable for a site with its diversity of natural and cultural landscapes.

Events can consist of anything from a one-hour nature walk along our four walking trails to a three-day festival. They can involve a presentation by a guest speaker or staff, a workshop, or a hands-on activity. We can guarantee that they are affordable, held at different time slots, interesting, and geared to a variety of age groups. Often, they are unique to Ruthven Park, due to the history of the Thompson family who owned the site from the 1840s up until 1993. They could be held indoors or outside within the natural areas or picturesque landscape; alternatively, events could involve an exhibit, wildlife demonstration, or a workshop. They could be a stand-alone or an annual event, a wedding show, or a music performance.

Upcoming Events On Site

NEW: Please visit our Upcoming Programs Calendar to check out what we have planned for the coming year.

Updated details about each of the site’s events are available under the Ruthven Park Blog.

Please note that parking is ample on the property.

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