Girl Guides of Canada Programs at Ruthven

The following programs are 2 hours in length and are offered year-round. Cost for all programs is $7 per participant; adult supervisors are admitted FREE of charge!

Sparks: Exploring the Outdoors

Discover the animals, plants, and insects that live at Ruthven Park. Hike through the Carolinian forest and meadow trails, learn to measure and identify trees, go on a bug hunt, investigate animal tracks, enjoy a picnic lunch, and, if the season is right, see how we band birds!*

Badge Program: Going Outside
* Please note that bird banding can only be offered in the spring and fall.

Brownies: Daughters, Mothers, and Grandmothers

Many different generations of Thompson family women lived at Ruthven Park. Explore the family mansion and discover what life was like for these women. Learn about proper etiquette, clothing, toys, women’s roles, and different forms of entertainment. Before you leave, practice proper etiquette at a traditional Victorian tea party.

Badge Program: Girlfriends Through Time

Guides: Significant Landscapes

Ruthven Park National Historic Site consists of 1500 acres of naturally and culturally significant landscapes. Explore the grounds and discover: the archaeological remnants of a former town, two cemeteries, a nineteenth century mansion and outbuildings, the history of the Thompson family, and the Carolinian forest and other habitats that house species at risk.

Badge Program: Heritage

Guides: Thompson Family Contributions

Five generations of Thompson family members are associated with Ruthven Park. This family made many political, military, and cultural contributions. Tour the mansion, replicate traditional tasks, and learn about the remarkable local and provincial contributions made by this family.

Badge Program: Provincial/ Territorial Heritage Badge

Additional Program Opportunity: GPS & GIS Technology

Ruthven Park also provides the opportunity to learn about and use GPS and GIS technology. Compare this technology with a regular compass and test for accuracy!


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