Working With Birds At Ruthven Park

Birdwatching at Ruthven Park

Situated between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, and along the Canadian heritage Grand River, Ruthven Park offers a unique location to see a variety of birds. The diversity of the site with its Carolinian forests, farm fields, slough forest, butterfly meadow and open spaces attracts birds year-round. Enjoy bird watching at many of the feeders on the site, or follow the bird banders during the migration seasons as they make their rounds of the property to gather “caught birds”.

Rare Species

Click here for our bird list with a summary of all the avian species banded or observed at Ruthven Park since 1995 (also available in hard copy at the banding lab). Some of our most notable species include:

Prothonotary Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, Golden-winged Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush, Hooded Warbler, and Acadian Flycatcher.

Visit Ruthven Park’s Banding Station

Learn more about bird banding at Ruthven Park by clicking here.

If you are interested in seeing how birds are captured and banded, please drop into the banding lab during spring and fall migration monitoring periods. Banding is completed during spring (April 1 to May 31) and fall (September 1 to November 7) migrations. For the past few years, the banding lab has extended their season to band Northern saw-whet owls. This is scheduled after dark when the weather is reasonable. Please call or email ahead to inquire about specific days we are banding birds and/or owls. Please note that banding is not completed during heavy rain. We recommend that groups of 6 or more people book a visit in advance so we can be prepared for you.

Here, you will have the opportunity to see birds being extracted from the nets and banded. You may also have a chance to handle and release a bird under the guidance of a licensed bander! This is a unique and fun experience for both children and adults and can provide a great field trip as well. Please wear appropriate footwear; rubber boots are recommended as our trails can be muddy. We welcome novice and experienced banders.

Visit the bird banding blog to see results of the daily activities of the banding lab.



Spring Hours

The Welcome Centre and Grounds: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – By change Saturday and Sunday

The Mansion: Tours by appointment only, groups of 15 people or more. Call for more information 905-772-0560

Bird Banding: Banding lab is open April 1 –  May 31 for the fall migration.  Sunrise until 12 noon, weather dependent. 

Give us a call today or check out our website for more information 905.772.0560 or

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