Short Closure Notice

Please note the following notice for a short closure at our site:

The Ruthven Park grounds and mansion will be closed for tours from Tuesday, May 23 until Friday, May 26 as well as Monday, May 29 due to filming. The mansion will be open for tours on the weekend of Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28. The regular summer schedule of the entire site being open 7 days a week will resume on Tuesday, May 30.

Bird banding will continue as usual during this closure.

A Break for March Break

To give visitors a break this year, we are making our tours half price! So not only can you visit the mansion in March, when it is normally closed, but you can do so for half the price of a normal tour.

This is a perfect opportunity for parents and grandparents to bring the kids in their lives to Ruthven – to see a National Historic Site in their community!

We will also be offering small Ruthven themed family crafts for before or after your tour.  The crafts will be based on simple games from the five generations of the family.  Ball and cup anyone?

No need to pre-book!

Sssnake Day Sssuccess | Ruthven Park

Close to two hundred visitors showed their love for and curiosity for snakes by coming to our Family Day event.  A hearty group of forty people (young and old) were on hand to assist with building  Ratsnake nesting boxes to start off our day. Ratsnakes are an endangered snake and found in two locations in Ontario:  Kingston where their population is threatened, and around Lake Erie where they are verging on extinction.  Our goal with the event was to raise awareness about Ratsnakes and make connections with neighbours, who might be interested in having a Ratsnake nesting box on their property.

The other component of our Family Day was to have visitors interact with snakes which were provided by Sciensational Sssnakes. These live snakes are used to being around people for presentations. They were rescued due to the loss of habitat or in other cases, they were kept as pets (and should not have been).  For this portion of the day, the coach house was packed – door to door, wall to wall. The snakes on display included: Corn Snakes, a Northern Water Snake, several Grey Ratsnakes, a Gartersnake and Milksnake. For interest, a Painted Turtle and Snapping Turtle were added to the display.  Jenny, the owner of Sciensational Sssnakes!! pointed out that Corn Snakes make ideal pet snake, but added that  “anyone who likes turtles should not have one as a pet.” Children loved the opportunity to touch and hold a snake.   Hopefully, this event allowed visitors to shed some common snake fears.

Sciensational Sssnakes!! Will be returning on March 8th for a presentation for schools. We still have a few spaces left in the 12-2:30 pm time slot. Teachers can register by contacting Natalie by email at or by phone 905-772-0560.

These events have been made possible with support provided by the Ontario Government.

Winter 2018 Hours of Operation

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The Grounds: open Mon – Fri, 9:00am to 5:00pm

The Mansion: tours by appointment Mon – Fri for 6+ people

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